La Terraza Films

Is an independent production company founded by three partners with a long track-record in the audio-visual industry: Cristóbal García, Edmon Roch and Javier Ugarte. It was born to create quality cinema and audio-visual contents, to seek out new creative talent, and to allow the Spanish audio-visual industry to continue growing and gaining recognition and acclaim abroad. A further goal of the company is attracting foreign filmmaking and providing production services, given our knowledge of the international market.

The Producers

Cristóbal García

He holds a degree in Audio-Visual Communication and two master’s degrees (Management and Administration of Audio-Visual Companies and Audio-Visual Script Creation). He started his professional career spending six years at Morena Films, where he started out as a production assistant and eventually became the head business and legal affairs in films including BON APPETIT, CELL 211, EVEN THE RAIN and WHITE ELEPHANT. He then worked at Telecinco Cinema as Head of Business Affairs in feature films like SPANISH AFFAIR, KIKI and PERFECT STRANGERS, and he produced the documentaries OMEGA and ALEJANDRO SANZ. In January 2018, he ventured into independent production as a co-founder of La Terraza Films.

Edmon Roch

He worked as a journalist and holds a degree in History of Art. Accruing more than 25 years of experience in the industry, he has been the producer of internationally-relevant projects such as BARCELONA, by Whit Stillman, THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO and PERFUME: HISTORY OF A MURDERER. He was the Head of Production of SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET. He wrote, directed and produced GARBO, THE SPY, which was awarded a Goya prize and the Gaudí prize to the Best Documentary and Giraldillo de Oro prize to the Best European Documentary. In 2004, he founded Ikiru Films, where he produced films including EL NIÑO, LOPE, BRUC, 7TH FLOOR, BIUTIFUL, CAPTURE THE FLAG and the TAD JONES saga, as well as LA LUNA EN BOTELLA, POPE JOAN, GHOST GRADUATION, SARA’S NOTEBOOK and YUCATAN.

Javier Ugarte

His career started out at McCann-Erickson and then he delved into the world of cinematography distribution at Buenavista International (Disney). He then spent 15 years working as a Producer at Telecinco Cinema, heading box office successes like CELL 211, THE IMPOSSIBLE, SPANISH AFFAIR, EL NIÑO, SPANISH AFFAIR 2 and TO STEAL FROM A THIEF jointly collecting more than twenty Goya awards. In 2016, he ventured into independent production to produce SARA’S NOTEBOOK and YUCATÁN together with Edmon Roch, until he co-founded La Terraza Films in January 2018.

La Terraza

Josepmaria Anglès

After earning a Degree in Audio-Visual Communication awarded by the University of Navarra, he started out at the Content Department at Atresmedia Cine, developing feature film projects. After two years directing his own projects and working in advertising, corporate communication and cinema criticism, he joined the Content and Production Department at Ikiru Films in 2015. He then became the Production Coordinator of SARA’S NOTEBOOK. When La Terraza Films started, he joined the Content Department.

Aroa Bueno

After graduating in Audio-Visual Communication at the University of Navarra, she started out her professional career in production at Antena 3 News, to then transition to fiction. Her first feature film THE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN was followed by many experiences in the production industry, in advertising and in television and cinema. Particularly noteworthy is her work in the films SARA’S NOTEBOOK and YUCATÁN. After this, she became part of the production team of La Terraza Films, which she has been part of since its inception.

Laura Castro

She holds a Degree in Business Administration and Management and Law, and a Master’s Degree to Access the Lawyering Profession awarded by the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as a Master’s Degree in Management of the Cinematography Industry, awarded by the Carlos III University. She started out in audio-visual production at ICAA, in the Selective Funding and Cost Recognition Departments. She then continued her career at Macaronesia Films in the legal and tax area, focusing on tax incentives for cinema. She subsequently joined the Production Department at La Terraza Films.

Arancha R. De Buen

With a degree in Economic Economics from the UAM, she starts working in the banking sector in London and in computer systems in the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. In 2003 she enters the film industry, in the Executive Production area of some of the main production companies, such as Morena Films, Avalon or Wanda Vision, in films such as CANTÁBRICO, EL FARO DE LAS ORCAS, BON APPÉTIT or CELDA 211. In addition, she has worked as a television producer, video production director and consultant specialized in audiovisual electronics. At the end of 2019 he joined the Financial Department of La Terraza Films as Financial Controller.

La Terraza Barcelona

Pilar Alcántara

Holder of a Degree in Audio-Visual Communication awarded by the Ramon Llull University, she took the first steps in her cinema career in 1998, taking part in a series of feature and short film shootings. In 2000, she joined the Production Department of Oberon Cinematográfica, collaborating in feature films including PAU I EL SEU GERMÀ and ARO TOLBUKHIN. EN LA MENTE DEL ASESINO, among others. In 2004, she was part of the production team at Messidor Films and Imposssible Films, collaborating in films including UNCONSCIOUS and FICCIÓ. She has been part of the team of Ikiru Films since 2017. From 2018 onwards, she has also been a member of the team of La Terraza Films in Barcelona.

Estefanía Ferrer

Holder of a Degree in Social Anthropology awarded by the University of Barcelona, her vocational career in cinema started as a freelancer. She initially alternated work in short films and feature films in the Management (as a scriptwriter) and Production Departments. She finally concentrated on the Production Department, in the roles of Production Coordinator, Assistant and Head of Production in advertising, TV movies, documentaries and feature fiction films. In 2006, she joined Ikiru Films as the Production and Accountancy Coordinator. Since 2018, she is also part of the team of La Terraza Films working in Barcelona.

Simón Lorenzo

After earning a Degree in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, awarded by the University of Barcelona, and specialising in History of European Intellectuals, he was awarded an Atresmedia Grant to round off his training in Audio-Visual Scripts at the URJC University in Madrid. In 2017, he started to work at Ikiru Films as a Coordination Assistant in the Postproduction of YUCATÁN and SARA’S NOTEBOOK. He then went on to work as a Production Assistant in THE PACT and STAFF ONLY. He is currently employed in the Project Development Area. Since 2018, he is also a member of the team of La Terraza Films in Barcelona.

Arantxa Sebastián

Holder of a Degree in Journalism awarded by the Ramon Llull University, she started her professional career in cinema in 2000, when she joined the Rodar y Rodar Production Department as Production Coordinator for feature films including THE UNINVITED GUEST and THE ORPHANAGE. In 2007, she took a break from teaching at ESADE Business & Law School and decided to continue her career at the Picnic advertising company, dynamizing cinema and television productions. She has been part of the team at Ikiru Films since 2009, and has taken part in projects including EL NIÑO, TAD JONES and SARA’S NOTEBOOK. Since 2018, she is additionally part of the team of La Terraza Films working from Barcelona.

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