Taxi to Treasure Rock



A debt ridden cab driver, a charming ex-con and a bride fleeing her bachelorette party will cross paths and embark on the adventure of their lives: a dizzying road trip with the delirious promise of finding a shipment of lost gold in one of Gribaltar’s unexplored tunnels.

  • Opening film of the Malaga Spanish Film Festival in 2019.

Title: Taxi to Treasure Rock
Year: 2019
Country: Spain-Argentina
Directed by: Alejo Flah
Script: Alejo Flah, Fernando Navarro

Photography: Gris Jordana
Soundtrack: Aránzazu Calleja
Genre: Comedy / Buddy movie
Lenght: 92 minutes
Production: La Terraza Films, Atresmedia Cine, Ikiru Films, Sacromonte Films, Código Sur Producciones, La mano de Dios La Pelicula AIE, Film Tonic, AZ Films

LEÓN   Dani Rovira
DIEGO   Joaquín Furriel
SANDRA   Ingrid García-Jonsson
JOHN PÉREZ   Jorge García “Perrichi”
RAÚL PÉREZ   Juan Vinuesa

ROSARIO   María Hervás
JOSE MANUEL   Jose Troncoso
MANCHESTER   José Manuel Poga
ALICIA   Fernanda Orazi
JUSTINE   Mona Martínez

Taxi to Treasure Rock

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“An agile and fast-paced film about rogue characters, using caricature to distil humour based on folklore and scoundrels.”

Beatriz MartínezEl Periódico

“The Argentinian Joaquín Furriel shines with his masterful caricature of cheating Buenos Aires characters.”

Juan PandoFotogramas

“The laughs today seeing Dani Rovira in #TaxiAGibraltar [Taxi to Treasure Rock] are priceless.”