In a desperate attempt to reach Europe and crouching in front of a landing runway in Cameroon, a six-year-old child and his older sister are waiting to sneak into an aircraft hold. Not far away from them, an environmental activist witnesses the terrible scene of a dead elephant, with no tusks. He does not only have to fight against poaching, but will also have to face issues with his daughter, who has recently arrived from Spain. Meanwhile, thousands of kilometres to the north, in Melilla, a group of civil guards is preparing to face the furious mob of Sub-Saharans starting the onslaught on the fence. These are three intertwined stories revolving around a central theme, where the main characters are unaware that their fate inevitably leads their paths to cross, and that their lives will never be the same again.

  • Nominated for 13 Goya Awards.
  • Winner of 4 Goya Awards, including, Best Director.

Title: Forbidden world
Año: 2020
Country: Spain
Directed by: Salvador Calvo
Script: Alejandro Hernández

Photography: Sergi Vilanova
Soundtrack: Roque Baños
Genre: Drama | Inmigration
Length: 116 minutos
Production: La Terraza Films / Ikiru Films / Telecinco Cinema / Un Mundo Prohibido AIE

GONZALO   Luis Tosar
SANDRA    Anna Castillo
MATEO   Álvaro Cervantes
JAVI   Jesús Carroza
MIGUEL   Miquel Fernández

ADU   Moustapha Oumarou
MASAR   Adam Nourou
ALIKA   Zayidiyya Disssou
KATO   Djedje Apali
PALOMA   Ana Wagener

SAFI    Bella Agossou
COMANDANTE   Josean Bengoetxea
CARMEN   Nora Navas


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“This is an ambitious and difficult project, but it is irresistible at the same time. To this we must add a long-lived dream about filming in Africa. A live continent that never ceases to surprise you and where children are the future. Children are our main characters.”

Salvador CalvoDirector

“Forbidden world” is like a modern Tom Sawyer: it’s a drama but also an adventure, set in a hard reality.”

Javier UgarteProductor

“This film binds three stories together, which will cross throughout the film. The encounter will mean that their lives will never be the same again.”

David Cruz GarcíaArea Jugones

“Salvador Calvo, the director of '1898: Los Últimos de Filipinas' is at the helm of this feature film approaching the immigration issue, seen from two worlds separated by a fence.”

Europa Press