Staff Only


There is nothing a rebellious teenager wants less than to be trapped on holiday with the family, but that’s exactly what happens to Marta (17) when her father takes her and her little brother to Senegal for Christmas. Looking to stir things up, Marta sets her sights on Khouma, a cameraman who films outings for tourists. Her relationship with her father was already strained, and now her interest in this young Senegalese man pushes it over the edge. But what starts as a way to upset her father turns to true fascination. Through Khouma’s videos Marta discovers the inner workings of the exotic holiday business, but more importantly, a window onto understanding the world she lives in.

  • Premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. Panorama Section.
  • Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Official Section.
  • Nominated to 4 Gaudí Adwards.

Title: Staff Only
Year: 2019
Country: Spain-France
Directed: Neus Ballús
Script: Neus Ballús, Pau Subirós

Photography: Diego Dussuel
Soundtrack: Isabel Latorre
Genre: Drama
Lenght: 83 minutos
Production: Ikiru Films / El Kinògraf / Turanga Films / La Terraza Films / Les Films Hatari

MARTA   Elena Andrada
MANEL   Sergi López
BRUNO   Ian Samsó
KHOUMA   Augustin D. Ngom
AISSATOU   Madeleine C. Ndong

GASSAMA   Mody Fall
ANNA-MARIE   Marguerite Andujar
CORINE   Bernadette Bornier
AURORA   Aurora Medina
VICENTE   Vicente Natalio

Le voyage de Marta

Malaga Festival. Interviews

BCN Film Fest. Neus Ballús

Staff Only

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“A moving film about reconciliation. Achieved through disarming clarity, beauty, and sense of humour.”

Luis MartínezEl mundo

“The film is an eye-opener, revealing the valuable idea that becoming a good tourist is very similar to learning to be a good adult.”

Jessica KiangVariety

“A fascinating reflection on innocence.”

Redmond BaconCultured Vultures