Valley of the Dead

PREMIERE ·  11 MARCH, 2022

Months after bloody combats leave behind thousands of dead in the trenches. Jan Lozano, Captain of the Fifth Brigade has fallen prisoner by an opponent’s platoon along with a young driver while carrying out a mission that has been entrusted to him. The possibility of dying executed will soon be overtaken when a new unknown enemy arises. Both rival sides must unite and set their mutual hate aside in order to survive.

  • Opening film of the Sitges Film Festival 2020.

Title: Malnazidos
Year: 2020
Country: Spain
Directed by: Javier Ruiz Caldera y Alberto del Toro
Script: Jaime Marques y Cristian Conti

Photography: Kiko de la Rica
Soundtrack: Javier Rodero
Genre: Acción
Lengh: 101 minutes
Production: Telecinco Cinema / Cactus Flower Productions / La Terraza Films /Ikiru Films

JAN Miki Esparbé
MATACURAS Aura Garrido
SARGENTO Luis Callejo
DECRUZ Manel Llunel
MECHA Álvaro Cervantes

RAFIR Ayoub El Hilahi
JUREL Jesús Carroza
BRODSKY Sergio Torrico
LOZANO Pedro Casablanc
COMANDANTE SS Francisco Reyes

AMERICANO Ken Applendorn
CARLOS Oriol Ramis
MONTOYA José Pérez Ocaña


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"An adventure full of humor, action and well-written characters that, in addition to showing true devotion to the genre, once again show the immense quality in Spanish fantastic cinema."

Victor LópezEspinof

"It's going to be a surprise for Spanish cinema. It's like turning the screw even further to that perpetual complaint that there are too many movies about the Civil War. Well, come on, now with zombies! It's pure adventure but with moments which give us a lot to analyze."

Álvaro CervantesActor